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Common Problems in Oneplus 6 Handset and ways to solve them.

Oneplus 6 Broken Screen

Oneplus 6 Broken Screen Is the most common faced by the users of oneplus 6 handset. And Oneplus 6 Screen Replacement is the most the most common method to solve this problem .


The Broken screen has to be substituted by a new original oneplus screen/display.This Display Comes in sealed pack packing .The substitution is an original Amoled Screen display It takes about 30 minutes to change the entire display .

Auto Brightness Not Working

A few people have discovered the versatile brilliance doesn’t fill in just as anticipated. It remains too dull to for open to survey. A few clients have additionally discovered the screen seems to glimmer as the brilliance changes with the most elevated amount without trying to hide. The auto brilliance issue is seen with many gadgets and is currently one of the regular OnePlus 6 issues also.

The uplifting news is, OnePlus reported on Friday, August 3 it would upgrade versatile brilliance in an up and coming OTA (which it says will be discharged “very soon”). We don’t know in what limit the setting will be improved, however we assume it will finish the presentation gleaming. Up to that point…

Poor Battery Life and Overheating

While a great many people are content with the battery life they’re getting from the 3,300mAh battery in the OnePlus 6, we have seen a couple of grievances about the battery depleting too rapidly and the telephone overheating. There’s an enormous string about it on the OnePlus discussion and more strings somewhere else, similar to this one at XDA Developers gathering. It’s typical for your new telephone to get hot and channel rapidly the initial couple of days you have it since it’s introducing applications and you’re most likely utilizing it much more than you understand, yet in the event that issues endure, you may need to act.


OnePlus has been discharging a constant flow of programming refreshes, so look in Settings > About Phone > Check for updates and ensure you have the most recent.

In some cases a straightforward reboot can have any kind of effect, particularly in the event that you haven’t completed one as of late. Hold down the power catch and tap Reboot.

It merits cleaning the reserve segment to ensure it’s not the reason for your battery issue. Hold down the power key and tap Power off. When the OnePlus 6 is off, press and hold the power key and the volume down key at the same time. It should boot into recuperation mode, where you can explore with the volume keys and select choices with the power key. Select your language, at that point pick Wipe information and reserve > Wipe store > Yes > Reboot.

If all else fails, you should seriously mull over production line resetting your OnePlus 6. Back up everything first and afterward go to Settings > Backup and reset > Factory information reset > Reset telephone > Erase everything. When your gadget reboots, have a go at setting it up as new without reestablishing a reinforcement, and test to check whether the battery issue is no more.

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