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How to hide blue ticks on Whatsapp

How to Hide READ  Notification ( 2 Blue Ticks ) while reading the same. Follow following steps :

  1. Before Reading the message, First activate Aero plane Mode.
  2. Read the message
  3. Remove message from  memory by pressing All Clear back button
  4. Activate Aero Plane mode again. You have read the message but no notification ( Read Report – 2 Blue Ticks )would be received by the sender.

One plus Phone is slow responsive

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Open developer option ( Note : if you are unable to locate developer option follow the following steps :
  3. Tab settings > Scroll About phone > Select Build number > Tap eight times on Build number. You will receive developer option.
  4. In the developer option –
  5. Select Window animation scale > Set animation scale to .05x
  6. Select Transition animation Scale > set Animation Scale to .05x
  • Select Animator duration Scale > set Animation Scale to .05x

!!             Happy surfing                   !!

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