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Common Problems faced in OnePlus 3/3T Handset and how to fix them

Common Problems faced in OnePlus 3/3T Handset and how to fix them

OnePlus mobile phones was founded on 16 December 2013 by former Oppo vice-president pete Lau and Carl Pei. The Real FlashPoint of Oneplus Devices Has been there High end Specification’s with lower costs. Previously Launching the One Plus 3/3T company had launched three other smartphones such as The OnePlus one,OnePlus Two & Oneplus x. All The Three Smartphones were well Received by the consumers in the market. OnepLus 3/3T was the real breakout smartphone from the Company were it gained substantial sales volume and popularity. The Company Gained Substantial Market Share in the market markets were it was launched.Though Being So Popular the device has it share of problems which are quite common.

1. SPEAKER SOUND:The Most Common Issue Faced By Consumers is the Receiver Speaker where the complaint is that the receiver audio volume is too low.
a) The Simple Solution to this problem is to take a pin and clean the speaker.
b) Secondly If the problem persists then the speaker need to changed.

The Back Camera of the Handset Becomes Blur/ Hazy of the camera is not able to focus.This may occur due to normal usage or it may also be due to some software updates.
a) : Go to settings > App List > camera > Clear Cache > Clear Data. Rebootor reset.
b) : If Still It does Not work then the Back Camera Needs To Changed.

Device shows Sign as ” Battery Temperature is too low”. In the Issue the Battery Will Not Rise Above the 50 % Mark. This Problem May be caused due to due to overcharging the handset or Due short-circuit in the display or the Motherbord
a) Keep the phone plug in with Dash Charger for at least 2 hours. Reboot.
b) If this does not work contact us for changing the Power IC of the Mobile Phone

Immediately try to switch off the phone. Do not plug in or charge. Do not attempt to switch on as the Water inside the compound may short circuit. One Should Contact the nearest service centre. You Can Contact Our centre we will try and do a reflow process & Hopefully try get your phone working at a reasonable price.
5. MICROPHONE ISSUE: Other person cannot hear your voice.this issue could be faulty mic
a) Get replaced defective mic at a reasonable cost of cost from us.

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