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Q. If My Screen Is Cracked Do I Need To Change The Entire Display?
A. No You Need Not Change The Entire Display only the Top Outer Glass can Be changed .
Provided the Touch & Display Need To Be working .

Q.IS It Going To a an Original Glass?
A . Yes It Is Going to a an original glass or a compatible One .

Q.Does The Changed Glass Carry Any Warranty?
A. We Are only Changing the top Glass Whereas the Touch and Display will Remain Unchanged .

Q.How Much time Does it Take to change The Glass?
A . It Takes About 2-3 Hours to change the Glass

Q.If the Display or Touch Is Not working?
A. If The Display Or touch Is Not working then we need to change
The entire Display

Q.Will the Changed Display Be An Original Part?
A . It Will Be an Original Or OEM Part .

Q.How Do I get My Screen Fixed?
A. You Can Drop Your Device at our service center or request a pick up .

Q . I am At an Outstation Location How do I Get It Fixed?
A. We Have Tie Up With Reliable Courier Partners who will pick & drop to most locations
Across India .

Q. Will My Device Be Safe?
A. Yes Your Device will Be safe as we have Insurance Cover .

Q .Do I need To Resest the Device Before sending?
A . Yes You Can Reset The Device If You wish So But if not Rest assure
Your data will be safe .
Q .Will the Manufacture Warranty Get Void After?Glass/Display Replacement .
A .Yes the Manufacture Warranty may get void in some cases .

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